Friday, October 28, 2011


NO, I'm not talking about dinner.  LOL.  I'm talkin about all those stickers, ribbons, paper, doo-daas that are in a drawer someplace that you bought on sale.  Last year or the year before or.....   That's what I've been trying to use up for these children's Halloween cards.  I used to make about 12-15 cards for neices and nephews and friend's kids.  But that was before grandkids!  And some of those original kids are now in college---imagine that.

I've shown you what I made for the grandkids already.  Went looking for more left-overs in my stash and found some of those balsa wood cutouts you see in Michael's that are uncolored.  Sooo, I used markers and glitters and patterned paper and voila!  Some easy, almost no stamping cards that I hope the kiddies will enjoy.  Don't you love that background paper?

 Oh, then I found something I bought on sale this year:  the sparkly words and pumpkins.  These were in a long strip, so I cut them up and used what I wanted.  I have to say, they didn't stick as well as I would have liked, so I added Sparkle N Sprinkle tear-ific tape to the back where I could.  Added that sticker to the center (its one of the ones that changes pictures when you move it.) 

 And I had one more of those dimensional children in costume, so I wanted to use it up.  Put that with some glittery foam stickers and a ghost from who knows where. 

You'd think I would have put a dent into all that Halloween stuff, right?  Wrong.  Still lots more in the drawers.  AND I just bought 3 more packages at Michael's yesterday.  Can't pass up a coupon good on sale items too!  LOL

Hope that you get lots of TREATS on Halloween!

See you again soon.
Cheesy Sandy


Lana said...

Wow super sparkly creations xx

Shona Erlenborn said...

Hey Cheesy - you've been a busy little bee! These are wonderful - and yes I love that candy corn background paper, makes for a perfect setting for your pumpkin creations! Love all the sparkle you incorporated too!

April said...

Great cards! I love all of them.

Donna Ellis said...

You've been busy! I love what you have done - always so imaginative - you're amazing!

Linda Loew said...

Wow Cheesy, when the cats away the mice play. Nice cards. I love the background paper with the candy corn. Great Pumpkin colors on the wood cut outs. I would love to get a card like that for Trick or Treat!

Julie Z said...

Hi Sandy!
Love your "Leftovers"! Really liked the wood cut outs - they came out so nice. Particularly liked the two wood pumpkin cards - really sweet!

And yes, I can't miss using a coupon that's good on sale merchandise either! Such good deals!! That's how we get these huge stashes isn't it - LOL!! I need to take some advise from you and dive into just one of my stashes - yours turned out so cute! TFS!